The Basics to Your Nutrition 101


Nutrition is a key factor to a healthy lifestyle. Sure, you can have all of the money in the world, but that doesn’t substitute to keeping your health on point. Eating the right thing is a part to a clean lifestyle. It’s better to know the right things to put in your body than to constantly bombard your body with unhealthy items that will honestly harm your system. When you get to a point where you’re eating a lot more healthy food groups, your body will perform optimally. Here are some basics to help you start your nutrition the right way.

Defining the Six Key Nutrients for Your Diet


Before you begin the right path to eating a healthier diet, you should know some of the key nutrients that will help you navigate this stratosphere. You have carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Carbohydrates are essential because they give you energy (body makes glucose) and it helps your brain function well. Grains, fruits, and vegetables all have carbohydrates in them. Protein is another crucial thing that helps you build muscle (meats, dairy, veggies). Fats come from the foods we naturally eat, but can also get taken from different sauces. Vitamins and minerals provide you with the right things to help your body function and helps you utilize protein and carbohydrates in a more effective manner. Make sure you also have water in your diet because it’s a good cleanser.

Why Should You Rely on Food Instead of Supplements?

 image2Of course, you want to make sure you hit all your marks when it comes to placing the right nutrients in your diet. However, quality food should be the most important aspect. You can cover a lot of your main vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and proteins just by consuming quality food sources. This is important because you don’t want your body to lack certain mineral and vitamin sources in wholesome foods you eat. Also, you don’t want to do anything on an empty stomach. Supplements are a great help to keep in you line to meet your goal, but don’t use that as substitute for the actual food that gives you the vitamins and minerals in the first place. You’ll find that your body performs a lot better when you give it the actual food source instead of a plant based or wheat based supplement into the bloodstream.

Why is Water Essential to Your Nutrition?


For one thing, water helps you hydrate a lot better. It’s not just a thirst quencher but it helps to give your cells oxygen so that they don’t fatigue. It flushes the dead skin cells out of your body so that you can maintain a healthy glow. Also, it helps to regulate your bodily functions by helping you get rid of waste. Water is also great for helping you stay on point with portion control. Most of your meals should be about a fist and a half. Make sure you have ½ of your plate with good vegetables, ¼ with protein, and the ¼ with grains. This will help you sustain a good body weight, and you won’t become inflamed by taking an abundance of food your body doesn’t need.