Developing Your Core with Kickboxing Punches

Building your core is a very important aspect to maintaining stability in your body. Without having a strong core, it’s hard to hold your body up. It’s not only eye candy but helps your back muscles, your hips, and other things function well. When it comes to good activity to help build your core, sure you can do situps or take a class. However, that may prove boring or ineffective after a bit of time has gone to waste. What you need to do is create a compound movement that helps engage multiple body parts so that you burn more fat. Kickboxing is a great activity because it requires good cardio and core strength in the movements. Here’s how you can develop your core with kickboxing punches.

Set the Foundation with a Basic Horse Stance

Start by making sure your knees are slightly apart for your hip area, and get comfortable. You want to squat a bit and have your hands on guard. Your knuckles should be facing away from you and your elbows are slightly upward and facing towards you. You want a good mix in your balance for stability and flexibility. The reason why you want this balance between stable and relaxed is because you’re going to go in and out of a lot of movements. Being too stiff will decrease the power of your punches and tire you out. However, being too loose will throw off your balance and make it hard for you to guard or get into your next move. This is why you need to be stable and flexible at the same time. Let’s begin the movement, shall we?

Learning How to Jab

Get into the horse stance like before and begin to make the movement. What you want to do is actually punch forward and make sure that the punch is toward the person’s nose (imagine that you have an opponent right in fron of you). While you punch forward, make sure that you twist on the balls of your feet, your knees are turned in, and your torso and hip area are pushing forward. Most of your power comes from this area so you can follow through better in your punch. You’ll do the same exact movement from the other side. Practice on both sides that you become good with your movement and striking zone to the facial area.

Connecting with a Cross

Cross the body with one arm and aim at the face. Pit it again with the balls of your feet, push the torso forward as you aim and strike. All of the power comes from the hips so you follow through with the movement as you guide through the punch. Do the motion like side, cross, and cross with the other side. Make sure that your core is tight and don’t do anything gingerly. You can even extend this with an uppercut because your hip, knee, and foot movement is the same, but the difference is you turn your body all the way through out to the opponent. You want to go underneath like the hin area and you bring your arms to a 90 degree angle to make contact. These movements will effectively work out your whole core area (including the obliques).