Doing the Right Water Exercises for Your Body

Being in the water is first all pretty good for your body especially if you’re in the ocean. There are a lot of minerals in there that makes it good for your skin. Also, you can do great water workouts that allow a certain natural resistance that doesn’t place too much harm on your body. It’s a lot safer and it’s more fulfilling to your body. Never heard of a water exercise before? Well, we will go into some good workouts that can help your overall body definition. Here are some great water exercises that will enhance your health.

Having the Right Equipment for Your Water Exercise

One of the most important things you need in your arsenal is a good pair of shoes. Of course, you can use an old pair of aerobic shoes, but there’s specific footwear made to be underwater. The benefit to having water-ready shoes is that they have holes in the bottom that allows them to drain water. Additionally, you’ll have great arch support and closure for staying tight in the water. This is important because when you get deeper in the water (chest area), you need the right traction and travel to sustain. Water workout gloves are also great so it increases your movement for the upper body. This is absolutely perfect for boxers or martial arts. The water has a resistance 12 times that of air, so it really puts your body to the test. Go online to find a good one for your taste.

Learning the Basics and Advanced Steps of Water Walking


Here are a few basic things to note as you step into the water. First of all, you should always have a good pair of shoes. Start to work waist deep to start. What you want to think about is your alignment such as the hips under the shoulders, head bak, neck long, and chin level good. As you start to go in chest deep, walk with an even and easty stride. After getting to the side of the pool, pivot 180 and travel back. If you notice your movement gets a bit wobbly in the deeper end, go to the more shallow area. Build your strength up and go back to the waist and chest deep areas. The key is to have your feet grounded in the water so you can maneuver better. A more advanced move is a march step where you keep the knee up to shoulder and then reverse walk. Reach with your leg and keep your ore tight and chest back. Repeat that movement as you get more comfortable in the water.

Chest Deep Oblique Workout

There are some great chest deep oblique workouts. We will go over a couple here. Start by lifting the leg to the side, with the leg to other side. The key focus is on the musle above the hip area (known as the obliques) and contracting and releasing. Stand tall in the water. You can add your elbows and curl the rib side-to-side. Get your tempo together to begin really putting some resistance in your workout.  Mix things up with an exercise called “Look Ma, No Hands.” Start by doing hands to the side and feet parallel and pretend you’re going down a ski slope. Tuck the knees up to the chest and leave the hands up. Vary with the tempo bak and forth.