Four Amazing Tips to Use Your Treadmill Efficiently

These methods for shredding major fat on a treadmill will have you breaking a sweat and wondering why you haven’t figured this out long ago. Are you ready to spice up your treadmill work-out? First, we can start with the move we call the “plank position”. Turn your treadmill on very slow. 1.0 mph. Grab something strong to prop your feet up on and straddle the treadmill sides with your arms. Keep your body in a neutral position, keeping your feet hips and shoulders in a straight line. Keep your abs tight and don’t let your hips drop. Proceed to walk on the treadmill with your hands. You’ll feel it working the small muscle groups in your shoulders and core. Your glutes will also be at work here while you keep your hips from moving side to side. Do this for about 1 minute.

Next, we get to move number two which is something we call the “reverse mountain climber” Again you’ll be turning your treadmill on a slow setting at 1.0 mph and keeping it there. Place your hands on the floor facing away from your treadmill and your feet on each side of the treadmill. Make sure you’re assuming a neutral plank position to start and your shoulders are stacked over your wrists. It’s important to feel comfortable with the direction your feet will be going. Put your toes on the treadmill. Really pick up your hips and drive your knees in to stay supported by your abs. This is going to feel like a total body exercise. Do this for one minute also.

Then comes move number three which is called the “crab crawl”. Make sure your treadmill is on low again at 1.0 mph and put your feet on the floor facing away from the treadmill. Have your knees bent, and your hands on each side of the treadmill with your hands supporting your upper body behind you. Keep your hips raised and tall. Your abs will be engaged and you’ll want your shoulders pulled back. Start walking with your hands on the treadmill. Keeping your hands under your shoulders is best and helps keep your upper body stabilized. This will be a bit challenging and it will gradually become more difficult but it’s going to be a great workout for your triceps, shoulders and glutes. Do this for one minute as well.

Move four is the “hill blaster” A conditioned athlete would be okay to do this at an incline of 12.0 but if this doesn’t fit your description you’ll want to adjust the incline and speed to your level of ability. Straddle the treadmill with your feet on either side and your hands on the bars. Jump on for 30 seconds sprinting on the balls of your feet to keep the power going with your arms driving the movement. It’s important to keep your torso upright and keep your stride a little shorter to keep your back safe. After that rest for twenty seconds. Do three to five intervals. Now you know your treadmill can be used for many things other than just running. Have a great workout!