Getting Your Kid in a Shape With Basic Cardiovascular Movement

In a day and time where kids are becoming more sedentary, it’s important to keep them active. Gone are the years where all kids would play outside until the street light came on. They are more adapt to the latest app or video game that they can comfortably play on their latest iPad or gaming console. Unfortunately, this has an adverse effect to their nutrition and exercise. As a result, more kids at a young age are getting high blood pressure, diabetes, and other diseases from not being active enough. It’s important to keep your kids involved in basic cardiovascular movement for at least 30 minutes a day. This will help them be able to sustain regular outdoor activity while still having a lot fun. Here are some ways to keep your kid in shape with basic cardiovascular movement.

Having the Right Equipment Before You Warm Up

This is very necessary because you need to have the right gear so that your kids can perform optimally. A good tennis shoe or sneaker is valuable because it gives their feet support to maneuver. You can find good prices at bargain stores or good sales so that you can save your money upfront. Make sure you also get nice shorts or pants that are durable and comfortable. You want it light enough so they aren’t boggled down by constricting pants. Hand weights are also a nice touch to add a bit of resistance but make sure they are low in weight because you don’t want them to stunt their growth or injury themselves. You can find that at a good athletic store like a Sports Authority. Also, you may get some sound advice on how to use the equipment correctly.

image2Set the Foundation with a Jump Rope

You can never go wrong with jump roping especially if you want a light resistant workout that will get your blood pumping. It will teach your kids dexterity, coordination, and help build their stamina.  They can start from a basic vertical jump and go on to a double under. This takes coordination, so your best it showing them how to slap the wrist just right to get the speed needed to make a proper jump. It’s a good hand to eye coordination exercise that will allow them faster reflexes and overall timing with things. Encourage group activities like a team jump rope where multiple kids can jump under a big rope and make it fun.

Lightweight Workouts for Your Kids

While this doesn’t necessarily have to be cardiovascular, you can make it have those elements to it to up the difficulty. Whether it’s simply lifting both lightweights in the air and bringing them back while sitting on a bosu ball, or doing bicep curls, these are both great workouts to start. This will actually help them strengthen the bones and build muscle more rapidly. Also, since the weights are light, it won’t put stress on the body. As your kids turn into teenagers, then they can use heavier weights. By that time, they’ll have a good foundation for doing compound workouts as their body gets more mature.