John Basedow Gives Tips to Getting Great Arms

Arms are the eye candy that captures a woman’s affection. They are needed in everyday life from lifting the smallest things to carrying big boxes when you move out. The way they are shaped, the size, and definition show a sign of strength that other body parts pale in comparison. While you do want to create eye popping arms, you want to make sure they are functional as well. This can be achieved with a proper diet (good intake of protein), barbells, dumbbells, and even cables to build some great arms. Without further ado, here are some tips to help you get some great arms.

How to Set Up Your Equipment

Without the right tools, you cannot build great arms. We’ll teach you what you need to start building those great arms at a fantastic rate. Using free weights maybe a bit more effective because you can actually move them better. They’ll enable you to hit the main sides without compromising your form. Dumbbells give you the equal development and equal results. A machine you can setup in your own home by following directions or you can go to your local gym. The machine will actually teach you good form but the down side is you’ll only work one particular side at a time rather than both. It’s important to minimize your breaks and to get in a rhythm of performing a number of times (reps) in a given session.

Performing Seated Dumbbell Curls

This is a very explosive workout for your biceps. You start by having your palms facing outward then you curl with the left then the right hand. Keep your arms at your sides. You can build more muscle by adding a higher weight because your body will have to get use to the resistance. This will force your muscles to grow. The best thing to do is have it be a slow and controlled movement. You need to contract your muscle with each lift so you get the most out of the workout. This slow and controlled movement will actually help you focus on just lifting with the arm. You can start by doing a set of 10 three times so that you get in the proper form and regimen to do this in a formula. The key about any group of exercises you do is to ensure that your body doesn’t plateau. You want to make sure there’s enough variety to help create more efficient workouts.

Working Your Triceps for a Bigger Arm

 image3Triceps exercises actually help your bicep look twice as big. Why? Well, when you really work your triceps it looks as if that total muscle has increased in size. The general shape of that area looks like more blood circulate and can give a great illusion of larger muscle. Not to mention, good triceps are very useful in your arsenal. Triceps cable push down is a great workout because it not only serves for better range of motion but you’ll need the right stamina to push through with a certain weight level. Keep your movement slow and controlled to get the best results as you keep your back straight, feet shoulder length apart, and grab the rope while slowly extending your arms down to the floor.