Key Tips to Help You Strengthen Your Core Muscles


 Core muscles are amongst the most important part of your body. Why? They are stabilizing muscles that help you keep balance. They also help prevent injury from the joint area particularly in the back and civilian joint. You need to learn how to contract your muscles properly so your body isn’t dependent on ligaments to hold it up.  If you do happen to get an injury, you’ll have to relearn to move around the area so that your muscles get stronger and less pressure is put on the ligaments. Please sure that you don’t exhibit serious pain when you do certain exercises and stretches because it’s a possible indicator that you may suffer from malalignment. At any rate, here are some good workouts to help you strengthen your core muscles.

How to Perform a Plank

If you’re a beginner, you can start by performing a modified plank position on your knees. The main thing is keeping the core tight while flattening the lower back. Arching your  lower back helps you flatten your abs better. Your elbows should be positioned right below the shoulders. Now, you can do a regular plank by pushing yourself onto your toes. Still keep your ore tight. If feels a bit too difficult, you can always bend your knees a little bit. Gradually hold it for 20 seconds then work your way up to a minute for a more advanced level. The longer you can hold it in good form, the more your core strength and posture will increase. This is an outstanding fundamental exercise to help you strengthen your core muscles.

Learning How to Do a Side Plank

A side plank is a bit more difficult and tricky. There’s more focus on balance and position. Additionally, it will workout those pesks obliques that may feel a bit soft from underperforming in your basic exercises. The key is to come up on your side, rotate your hips, and make sure that everything is aligned properly. Also, keep your shoulders nice and tight and the making sure  the hips are nice and straight. Start by raising your arm up, make sure the palm is faing the feet. Drop the hips down and raise them up, crunch the obliques down and up. Please be sure that your hips do not rotate foreward or back. Form is absolutely everything in this particular position.

Advancing to a Rotational Plank

You’re going to start at the same position of the side plank. Make sure everything is tight. Now, raise your arm up in the air and slightly rotate the hips with your arm goes under you. Make sure you get a nice twist with your hips so that you can feel your obliques work a bit. Do this in a few sets until you feel a nice sensation. You can do the same thing but add a nice 5-pound dumbbell. This adds a lot of resistance. Take it very slow and do not break form. You’re going to do the exact same movement back and forth with the weight. These are some great ways to help make your core as solid as a rock.