Keys to Change Your Nighttime Ritual For Your Skin and Beauty Rest


Getting the right nighttime ritual and beauty rest can help your skin become very clean and smooth. With the sweat and toxins getting deep into pores, it becomes a serious job to cleanse the skin and make it healthy. Sometimes women forget about their makeup by the time they get home and into the bed. This causes the skin to either dry up or get oily so the next morning they wake up with stuff deep tucked inside the face. On another side, the skin may not glow as much without getting the proper rest needed for the body to recharge and heal itself. With that being said, here are a few things you can do to help your skin and get quality beauty rest.

Clean Your Skin Every Night Before Bed

One thing to always do is to cleanse your skin every night before you go to sleep. Why? Well, one a lot of toxin builds up in your skin from being outside because you’re exposed to pollution from the gas in the air, chemicals, and just sweat hitting your skin and causing a bacteria build up.  All of the dirt and bacteria that gets in your pores can cause them to irritate your skin as well as clog them and create breakouts. For people that have oily skin, this is a must because you need to help decrease the amount of oil that can either keep your skin looking greasy or dry it up. Think about these few things before you head to sleep tonight.

Use an Anti-Aging Treatment on Your Skin

Sometimes you need to take it a step further and use an anti-aging treatment on the skin to get deeper in your pores and actually clean below the surface.  Remember all major breakouts that occur stem from the inside (whether it’s the food you take in or what your pores absorb). When you deep clean, you can actually reach your pores and help to keep your skim blemish free by preventing any breakouts from surfacing on top. Another thing you should do is to rejuvenate your retinoid. There are great vitamin A derivatives that actually help to keep your skin looking young. Make sure you use this at night because the sun can easily cancel the potency out.

Apply a Mega Moisturizer to Your Skin

Certain treatments may be effective for some but to others it can completely dry your skin out. This also leads to breakouts.  Additionally, you might be more susceptible to different side effects, which produce an adverse effect to your skin. Do you notice that you looked aged overnight? The cause may be dry skin, which could happen due to water loss. This is especially important during the summer and winter time because the extreme temperatures can cause your skin to get dehydrated. If you have natural oily skin, you can use a very small amount of body lotion that helps exfoliate your skin so it’ll erase the dead skin cells. Also, you won’t overdo the moisture to cause it to get really oily. This is a good regimen to help you relax and let your skin get a load off before you get the proper rest needed to maintain healthy skin.