Make your appearance as attractive with the Saturday workouts

Nowadays, people want to look fair and fit in their physique and so they have used the different kinds of products and supplements. These kinds of products can give the positive result in making them to fit in their body in the quickest manner. Since, these products can provide the result in the fastest way, it also combined with some negative side effects. So, it is better to go with some other procedure which can be provided the expected result in the healthiest manner. So, doing workouts is the best alternative for the products in getting the attractive physique in the best manner. Moreover, it is better to do the exercises and the workouts in the right way. The reason is that doing workout in the wrong way may also lead to some problems in your muscle, skin as well as your whole body. When you follow the weekly procedure of the workouts, you can get the desired hot look in the fastest manner. This article provides you information about the workouts which can be done on the Saturday.

When it comes to workout with the weekly calendar, you need to consider some important things, because workouts in each day may concentrate on any particular body part. In that manner, the Saturday workout is focused on the shoulders, legs and arms. These workouts should be done with the resistance ring or the resistance band. Actually, some of the workouts should be done on the Saturday and they are

  • Single leg squat press
  • Lawn mower
  • Ring punch
  • Power play
  • Duck walk

The single leg squat press is targeted to enrich the functions of your shoulders, butt, back, legs and triceps. To do this work out, you need to stand on the left leg and the right leg should be bent behind you. Then, hold the resistance band with both hands and itself in front of your chest and elbows. It is better to continue this workout for one minute. As the same way, you have to do this exercise with your right legs.

Then, the lawn mower is used to shape your triceps, quads and hip. You need to stand on your right leg with the resistance ring and hold it the ends on both hands. After that, you need to hinge forward from hip and drive it through the left elbow to pull the ring toward the ribs. You can do this work out for one minute.


Power play is also as the lawn mower and you need to stand with your feet wider and hold resistance ring vertically in front of the torso with two hands. You need to curl it with right hand towards the chin and also pressing the left hand down toward the floor.

Furthermore, the ring punch is also for targeting the body parts like back, biceps, chests, shoulders and triceps and so on. As the same way, the duck walk is the wonderful exercise which aims to shape the butt, outer thighs and inner thighs.