Why Choose Pilates over Other Exercise Options?

With such a wide variety of exercise styles available you may be wondering why you should choose Pilates as your go to workout routine. This is a great question and you might be surprised at the number of reasons Pilates is considered the one stop shop for fitness.

Low Impact

Because Pilates does not incorporate running, jumping, or any truly high impact movements on the joints it is considered to be a great full-body low impact exercise. Pilates uses your body’s own weight to strengthen and lengthen muscles. This low impact exercise is that happy place where mild to moderate cardio meets up with strength training.

Lower Risk of Injury than Many Other Exercise options

Since Pilates uses your body’s own weight for strength training there is a lower chance of injury due to misuse of equipment or too heavy of weights. That’s not to say that you cannot be injured while performing Pilates if you do not use the correct form. As with all exercise you should check with your doctor before hand to verify if there are any poses, positions, or movements that you should either modify or avoid.

One Stop Full Body Workout

Pilates is the ultimate full body workout that focuses on:

  • Improving Core Stability and Strength
  • Improving Flexibility
  • Improving Posture and Balance
  • Improving or Preventing Back Pain Issues

The yoga techniques that Pilates incorporates into its movements strengthen the body starting at the core and working outward through the limbs. This progression establishes a solid core foundation first in order to support the movements and weight bearing transitions of the limbs as you progress through your workout routine’s flow.

Do it Anywhere

Granted there are some styles of Pilates that incorporate a Reformer Machine into the exercise program, however it is not required to do Pilates. This means that as long as you have enough room and a flat, clean space you can do Pilates anywhere.

The flexibility of Pilate’s space and equipment requirements makes it the perfect exercise for travelers who want to maintain their health and fitness while on the road. There’s no gym membership required, and you can do it both indoors or out; which makes this a great option for business travelers.

Stress Relief

Another reason that Pilates is a great option for business travelers is the stress relief factor. The use of yoga breathing and steady flowing movements throughout your workout decreases stress while also oxygenating the blood and refueling your body’s muscle tissue with oxygen which allows muscle to relax and regenerate; ultimately relieving stress on two fronts.

Pilates is a great full body workout that can be done no matter your age, size, health condition, or knowledge. It is one of those full body exercises that can be taken with you wherever you go and doesn’t require a bunch of costly equipment or gym memberships; making it the best workout choice available.