You Might need a Nutrition Checkup

In a world of sugary foods, caffeinated beverages, and greasy fast food on every corner, it can sometimes be difficult to know if you are eating enough healthy foods to keep your body healthy and functioning efficiently. So how do you get your nutritional needs and habits back on track? You may need a nutrition checkup.

What is a Nutrition Checkup?

A nutrition checkup is a one on one meeting with a certified nutritionist. In this meeting you will answer some questions that are specifically related to your current eating habits, lifestyle, schedule, and health issues. This is so the nutritionist can have a clear picture of what accommodations your nutritional plan may need as well as customize the nutritional plan that is right for you.

During your initial checkup consultation after the question and answer period, your nutritionist should create a nutritional plan that contains your goals and the steps that you will need to take to reach those goals.

Signs that you May need a Nutrition Checkup

If you often feel fatigued, run down, have stomach issues, or just feel poorly in general you should have a nutrition checkup. These symptoms are all signs that you are not currently getting the balanced nutrition that your body needs to function properly. Often people who have these symptoms spend lots of money on doctor’s visits that can’t seem to find the issues; only to become frustrated and start trying out whatever fad diet that claims to fix their issues. When in reality these types of fad diets actually make your situation worse by compounding an already existing underlying cause for the way you feel.

Is one consultation enough?

Depending on the severity of your health issues and the intensity of your nutritional plan or goals you may or may not need to have additional consultations to modify areas that may not be working, or to help keep you on track.

For athletes having regular checkups with your nutritionist is a great way to make any changes that need to be made to your diet to support whatever workout program you are currently doing. Meeting with your nutritionist or Registered Dietician should be a regular part of any athletes training program just as massage and a personal trainer are.

How to find a Certified Nutritionist or Registered Dietician

There are several ways to locate a Certified Nutritionist or Registered Dietician, and some of these services may even be covered by your insurance.

  • Contact your Insurance Company – Some insurance companies see these services as a proactive way to managing health care. If you eat better you’ll be healthier. So, contact your insurance company to see if they provide these services and can refer you to a nutrition specialist before you fork out a bunch of money elsewhere.
  • Educational Resources – Contact the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics through their website at
  • Contact your Local Hospital – Although they may not have an in-house nutritionist available to work with you, they might have a list of qualified individuals that they can refer you to.