Your Sleep Habits Could be making you Fat

Yes, you read that correctly. If you are not getting at least seven to eight hours of quality sleep per night, your body cannot function properly and will start to gain weight as a result. Good sleep habits, eating patterns, and hydration habits combined with regular exercise are the best ways to lose weight.

Sleep Problems

There are many reasons why you might not be getting the correct amount of the proper type of sleep, from staying up too late, to stress, to medical disorders. No matter what the reason for your lack of sleep, it is affecting your ability to lose weight and keep it off.  That’s just one reason that you should be focusing on getting a better night’s sleep. Others are:

  • Possible Death – Sleep Apnea is a very serious sleep disorder that involves the person who has Sleep Apnea not being able to breathe properly. There are several things that can be the cause of this disorder, like smoking, obesity, and alcohol use. Sleep Apnea can be fatal if severe enough and not treated. The best way to find out if you have Sleep Apnea is with a sleep test that is performed at an actual sleep institute. If you are concerned that you might have this disorder, contact your doctor today and get scheduled for your sleep evaluation, it could be something simple, or it could save your life.

  • Fatigue Issues – Getting a better night’s sleep is about more than simply getting eight hours of sleep. Our brains need to be in a specific rhythm of sleep in order for our bodies to rejuvenate and recover from the daily stress that we put ourselves through. Without these specific sleep cycles, our bodies are unable to perform the normal nightly maintenance processes that are required to keep the body healthy and energized, making the body fatigued and listless. If you are getting your recommended amount of sleep each night and still waking up tired, it is a good idea to have a sleep test performed to see if your brain’s rhythm is out of sync. There are different treatments that could help you get your sleep rhythm back to normal once you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder.
  • Quality of Life – It is difficult to have the quality of life that you want when you feel sluggish and tired all of the time. Taking the steps required to get a restful night’s sleep is an important move towards having a more fulfilling and satisfying life.

We often take sleep for granted while attempting to fill our days with every activity imaginable. This is probably one of the worst things you can do when trying to have a fulfilling lifestyle as well as with any attempt to lose weight. By getting the amount and type of sleep your body requires every night you increase your quality of life as you decrease your belt size. So, if you are finding it difficult to lose weight and get to sleep at night, have your sleep patterns tested and see how much better you will feel with a great night’s sleep.